My name is Daniël Samama. I am an art director and designer from Amsterdam, currently senior creative at N=5, Holland's biggest independent agency - and before that at JWT, BBDO and DDB.

Ideas are nothing if you can't turn them into things. And who says you need 'the' idea first? You can spend days thinking - waiting for an epiphany. But why not start making stuff and let the epiphany find you?

Materializing your thoughts is where the magic happens. Start with anything. See where it leads you. Turn your ideas over. Take them apart. Try stuff. Grind. Scrub. Polish. Analyse your own thoughts and let your hands explain. Now you’re thinking by making.

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Honours & Awards

ADCN   2 awards / 18 nominations
SPIN   5 awards / 10 nominations 
SAN   3 awards / 7 nominations 
ESPRIX   2 awards
SJP   1 nomination
RAB   1 nomination radio commercial of the year
Dutch Interactive Award   1 nomination


Eurobest   1 award / 2 shortlisted 
Cannes Lions   2 shortlisted
New York Festivals finalist
Clio shortlisted
Webby's   2 x honoree
Lovie's   2 awards / 4 nominations
FWA   4 awards
Awwward   1



theFWA Judge
ADCN Jury Graphic Design, Illustration & Photography 2014
ADCN Jury Young Talent 2010 x 2011
Speaker at Cannes Lions 2010
Guest editor in chief Creatie Magazine (with jongehonden)
Young Lion Film Competition for NL 2008